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Sony Projector lamp XL2400

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Sony Projector lamp XL2400
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Sony XL2400 Replacement Lamp a very cheap projector or TV replacement lamp. It is very handy and takes only 5 minutes to install. Here is some technical detail of the product:

  1. Sony is the original maker but now there are others.
  2. Part Number:  XL2400.
  3. 6000 hours of use  as rated by the manufacturer.
  4. It can be installed very easily in a minutes.
  5. It can fit easily with the KDF-46E2000, KDF-E42A10 KDF-50E2000, and KDF-E50A10 KDF-55E2000, Grand WEGA 3LCD rear projection HDTV.
  6. Light in weight. Only 2-2.1 pounds.
  7. 7 x 10 x 6 inches dimension.

Compatible TV Models:

The light is fully compatible with A1129-776A, A-1129-776-A, A-1129-776A, A1129776A, XL2400C, XL2400J, XL2400E, XL2400U, XL-2400C, XL-2400J, XL-2400E, and XL-2400U TVs. There are many generic lamps which are not fully compatible with these models. Never purchase this product from a third party manufacturer.


The light bulb must be dealt with a neat lint-free fabric at all moments to prevent any kind of grime or oils. All of our hands and wrists are normally greased. The oil deposits through the palms may trigger rapid failure of the light if the top part of the bulb is not easily wiped down right after the set up. It doesn’t harm to perform a last clean using a sleek, non-abrasive, lint-free towel well before re-installing the light.



  1. 6 months extra warranty.
  2. Free service to troubleshoot.
  3. Equally compatible with Plasma, LCD, and DLP TVs.
  4. High brightness & good contrast.
  5. Discount facilities are offered for special customers.
  6. More than 50% savings of money.


Here are the instructions to replace the light to your TV set.

  1. First turn off your TV and let it to cool down. Unplug the socket of the electric line.
  2. Carefully take out the brand new XL-2400 light from the box. Become cautious in order to prevent it from jiggling or even trembling, as well as prevent get in touch with   glass part in its top. The oils in the hand can easily damage lamp’s lens.
  3. Take away your Television’s exterior light cover by taking it down and away. Inside of it you will locate a doorway along with a button. Flip the button counterclockwise, and move the cover out. Fit the gate apart.
  4. Place your hand thru the cycle handle upon the lamp assemblage and draw it directly out. The light could nevertheless be heated, therefore be cautious. Keep from coming in contact with   glass.
  5. Place brand new light bulb into plug coming from which you taken out the previous light bulb. Make sure that it matches safely; however do not try to press it within too much. When you have not correctly set it up, the TV’s light will display 3 times if you attempt to switch it on.
  6. Place the light gate back on, as well as switch the button clockwise in order to shut it. Press the light cover into its spot.
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Product Name Sony Projector lamp XL2400
Manufacturer Sony
Color Black
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